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    Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference

    I attended yesterday, as well. Overall, very positive talks for Edmonton, though as you stated, Calgary is still very much the preferred city for new development.
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    MacEwan University School of Business | ?m | ?s | MacEwan University

    There is 1 parkade level
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    Saint A Square | ?m | 7s | Niche Developments It's nice that people get to be reminded of this debacle every day with its prominent location. Embarrassing for the city. Also, yes, the "developer" is a joke... "After demolition, construction...
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    Downtown Crime

    Yeah... where I park when I go to my office downtown...
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    EVER Square
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    I doubt it... that likely stays closed to public/only accessible for HSBC tenants.
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    I am shocked! What a pleasant surprise... thought this would be empty for a long while...
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    "Additionally, the imagery of a SunRise is often associated with warmth, light, and a welcoming atmosphere, all of which are qualities that many individuals seek in their living spaces. The name not only captures the essence of a new chapter but also conveys a sense of hope and inspiration...
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    Not sure if there's a project page for this already... The Sunrise
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    The Edmontonian | 277.96m | 71s | BCM | Hartwig

    Since Station Pointe went into receivership, I have not heard anything from BCM and am shocked they are still operating... there's no chance this thing gets built.