Five months since our last update, and progress at Infiniti has been moving along swiftly. The 6-storey residential high-rise designed by Brian Allsopp Architect has now nearly reached completion as crews apply the finishing touches to the exterior. 

Infiniti, nearing completion, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Clad in a mix of grey- black-, and red-coloured spandrel, punctuated by stone and glass, the multi-coloured Infiniti has been almost completely finished save for a few small elements towards the base of the structure. Glazing work is complete, leaving the majority of the remaining work hinging upon the completion of the lower level cladding towards the side of the development. 

Infiniti, street view, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Moving down to street level, a close-up view of the structure reveals Infiniti's finished appearance, with countless small, white-framed windows and doors seemingly gobbled up by a sea of dark stone cladding. Easy to spot, the high-contrast differentiation between materials is striking - albeit, according to many on our Forum, perhaps not for the right reasons. 

Infiniti, close-up detail view, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Nevertheless, Infiniti will soon become home to upwards of 150 residents spread across 109 units, buyers to benefit from its close proximity to Oliver Square, transit options, and the downtown core. Located at 117 St NW and 105 Ave NW in Queen Mary Park, Infiniti will be a fine addition to a corner of the city that is currently undergoing a monumental amount of change. 

SkyriseEdmonton will be sure to return to this project as progress continues. For more information, check out the associated Database file and Forum thread, and as always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.