Though Stantec Tower has been officially topped-off for several months now, its slightly taller but less recognized special helper is now bowing out of the limelight: the crane that helped raise Canada's tallest building outside of Toronto is now being dismantled.

Stantec Crane getting lower, March 7 2019, photo by Dave Sutherland

Having stood at an estimated 270-280 metres at it's highest point, the crane has recently completed installation of the final exterior curtainwall, raised the final cooling tower and window-washing rig to the roof, and aided in the disassembly of one of the exterior lifts. With those duties completed, disassembly of the crane began on Monday March 4 and will continue to progress through March 15.

Removing the braces, March 7 2019, photo by Dave Sutherland

Workers can be seen high above removing segments of the crane one at a time, using the crane itself to lower the pieces to the ground. Keen eyes will also spot a small boom being used to remove the braces anchoring the crane to the tower as progress reaches them.

Getting ready to remove a segment, March 8 2019, photo by Dave Sutherland

Though substantially complete on the exterior as well as having several office levels occupied, much work remains to outfit the 483 residential units, which are expected to begin occupancy in the fall, as well as on the residential amenities, and retail bays in the podium.

Stantec and crane high over downtown, January 20 2019, photo by forum contributor Kaizen

There is still plenty of time to watch the crane removal process, as it continues into next week! Join our Discussion Forum to see photos of the progress. More photos and details of this project can also be found in our Project Database. Will you miss seeing a crane so high above downtown Edmonton? Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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