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Sadly, continuing to blame the trams' signals/signs for driver problems is not going to solve things.
Yes, there will be an initial learning curve, but someone driving on the track points to a bigger picture of cr*p drivers.
Impound, fine, jail, driving bans, whatever it takes, it's long since time we get these "drivers" off the streets where they clearly don't belong
I like this idea. I think systems that punish drivers for poor driving will never be as effective as making it harder to drive poorly and easier to drive safer. Designing infrastructure to influence behavior instead of penalty systems to influence behavior.
What about adding smaller barriers in the turning lanes, like mini-rising bollards or unfolding fences like in Japan?
it once was hard to get a licence. When Alberta Transportation was the licencing group. You had to go to a Testing centre. One group in charge of testing. So your standard of learning was higher. Now any school can give the tests. I remember how tough it was to get all my licences. Had to parallel park and drive through traffic circles. If you did either of those wrong you flunked. And all with manual transmission. Even more fun having to go through 10-15 gears.
Well I think another issue with drivers here too is there are too many drivers that are simply way too self entitled. The attitude that "It is my right to drive" and 'I'm the king of my castle and my vehicle is an extension of that" seems to be everywhere.
Honestly I think many people have become ignorant to how dangerous driving is.

Possibly a bad comparison, but I always think to when I have to use power equipment in that back room at work to move pallets that weigh 1000++ lbs. There are procedures I need to follow and I need to be exceptionally careful around other people or I can cause serious damage or kill someone. The same can be said for motor vehicles, yet some people drive with reckless abandon, speed habitually, and can't even follow basic rules like using turn signals or drive in a straight line in their lane. If only more people treated driving a multi-thousand pound hunk of metal with more respect and courtesy to those around them (not only in vehicles). I always cringe when I see photos of vehicles smashed into fences and buildings or up on sidewalks or see people rip through narrow contruction zones... a pedestrian only needs to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to be hurt or killed.

Right turns on red are a pet peeve of mine as a pedestrian/cyclist since so many people cannot even seem to be bothered to look for anything but oncoming vehicles whenever they need to make a their turn. Some block the entire crosswalk and don't even bother to look for pedestrians/cyclists, or completely blow through without even stopping or looking.
Nope. The idea is to punish the bad drivers, no enable them.
Oh, I agree. But installing bollards or unfolding fences is lunacy, just because they work is Japan, compared just simply gates.
Traffic lights exist for all directions at this location so that driver had zero excuse.
Miz station spans are coming along. They seem to be using a false work system to erect the segments. I assume the gantry crane can’t erect them because the piers are different.