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I'm going to guess there was another accident with a train this morning since it took an extra 30 minutes to get downtown from Bonnie Doon. The entire line grinds to a halt.

Edit: it appears there was a signalling outage.
Honestly, probably someone trying to beat the red light or not following the no right turn on red sign :)

The yegwave video has the license plate, so it can probably be tracked unless it's stolen. Either way, fine the everliving god out of these people. Make it upwards of $1000 and make it hit hard.

The only way to combat driver stupidity and recklessness is make these actions financially ruinous, especially as the quality of our license tests suck.
Odd that they aren’t continuing to lift segments over the winter. I remember when Calgary used a gantry for the west extension they lifted through the winter (which was much colder than ours this year).
Indeed. I wonder if it has anything to do with them not contracting previously for this time of the year because they predicted worse weather.
Yegwave showed an accident and a video of the car driver running away, unreal
Okay, you know what? We need to bite the bullet and just add crossing gates the whole way south from Davies. That Whitemud intersection in particular has been extremely problematic. You just can’t fix the stupidity of some of these drivers, but you can at least stop it from interfering with the train’s operations.
Zero chance that crossing gates wouldn't slow vehicle travel through the areas where these would be added.

I'm not opposed to making commuting less desirable via car, but this isn't really how I like to do it. The line wasn't designed with crossing gates in mind.

Exploring the legality of a bylaw for conflicting with the train is fine, adding red light cams at all of these locations is probably better, plus cameras would double as a revenue generator from drivers.

Travelling is a right, but driving is a luxury, and if the road owner (the city) wants to do certain things to protect transit infrastructure, I'm all for it.
This inspired me to plot the Valley Line against a map of population density. Avoiding Connor's Road (Red) was definitely a big mistake. The chosen alignment (Green) bypasses the high density French Quarter, is way slower and adds a gnarly 90 degree turn that cuts down the lifespan of the track very substantially.
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It's been very interesting to see how ETS has ramped up service on the 500X. At the beginning of the year it was a one way peak hour service, now it's a full-fledged route. It speaks well to the demand along that corridor, although things may change now that VLSE is open.