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Valley Line West LRT capstone events
April 2, 2019

Join the City to celebrate the completion of the Valley Line West preliminary design at our capstone events: two final wrap-up information sessions where Edmontonians can learn more about the Council-approved Valley Line West LRT and next steps as the project moves through procurement and construction preparations this year.

Date: Tuesday, April 9
Time: 3 - 7 p.m. (drop in)
Location: West End Christian Reformed Church, 10015 149 St NW

Date: Thursday, April 18
Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. (drop in)
Location: City Room, City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

The City now seeks to finalize municipal funding requirements and will present them to City Council for consideration this spring. These funds will allow the City to move forward with procuring contractors to extend the Valley Line by 14 kilometres from downtown to Lewis Farms.

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This is going to be a nightmare for traffic around West Ed - 170th street when they construct that elevated track.
Also they are going to have to build a new bridge going across the Anthony Henday which will be fun for rush hour traffic.
Very well composed movie. These stations are ideal locations for public art and sculpture. A major faux pas -- the pop-up development along Stony Plain Road -- turns the existing uses into temporary structures and in the short term will turn the adjacent land uses into a wasteland.
I really do like these kinds of videos, as they give us the true "Kinetic" perspective on what the line will look like.

@KyleBlanchett Not only are those effects temporary, but that is simply what is to be expected when any major construction project happens in a city as big as Edmonton. If people REALLY cared enough... maybe they could plan their driving route ahead of time to avoid it ;)
@Reecemartin... a few notes re your Vlog... although the LRT system is electric -- 87% of Alberta's electricity is derived from Coal and Natural Gas and nearly all of Edmonton's electricity is so derived (mainly from coal at the present time). There is no plan to "retire" the coal production until 2030; so, while electricity "seems" like green energy, at this point it is quite definitely not and will not be for at least a decade into the future. Secondly, I have not heard anyone complain about LRT -- to the contrary, most people are very accepting of its presence -- especially in a City like Edmonton where it is (or will be) a means to quickly get from one location to another. The bus transit system should complement the LRT system which currently it does not -- perhaps that will change in the future. Personally I would like to see a 3-tier system where automated transit (driven by electric batteries) acts as a community collector system, bringing riders to a nodal bus system which in turn brings people to LRT stations. My main beef with the City and LRT is that it sits alone as the only transit solution. It would be great if the City could invest in the ERRS system -- especially as a novelty "ride" -- I have described a possible route before on this and other threads. The mode of propulsion could be LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) which is roughly twice as efficient as overhead power lines (which divest power at a ratio of about 1:12 compared to LSM which only power-up when the vehicle is on the point of contact). It is true that the car production of LSM is cheaper, but only because there are few alternatives. Operationally, LSM is much more efficient. It would be really cool if, besides LRT, there was a focus as well on ERRS, a river transport system, the proposed Gondola cross-river mechanism, and an aerial tram that would be visually far more exciting.
No offense but when I look at construction photo's for the line, it looks like the project is so far behind and won't meet it's target date for 2020
@Coolstar Not sure why that would be offensive, but I think late 2020 is still realistic. That's two full construction seasons to work with.

They of course only need to have it operational by then. The landscaping, multi use paths, etc. will probably be a year behind that still.