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Muttart stop stormwater pond

More landscaping approaching the stop

MUP opened on top of Connors Rd

Muttart Stop
I sorta wonder too if they will open up the Davies station bus terminal before the train is running?
Probably not, I don't how logistically it could function without the train running.
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I think there might be a possibility of the transit centre starting up at Davies Station when the new schedules come out in January.
ETS's signups (which is when route and schedule changes occur) are late November and late February, not January. There's a plan to alter service to Davies, but, that plan is contingent on the Valley Line being in operation and reducing service on the 510x. I cannot imagine ETS would open Davies and have to alter 510x service just because they can. Simplest to keep the 510x and all other routes as is until late February when there is a signup that coincides with the most recent likely opening time for the Valley Line.