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Was biking with a friend who moved here in 2016. He joked that he's become a permanent resident, gotten married, bought and renovated a house, and had multiple promotions since this thing was supposed to he open.

The closure of this trail with no easy detours for 5 years is just wrong. We gotta do better. View attachment 351296View attachment 351297View attachment 351298
I've long assumed that if there was any sort of practical solution that was beyond full detour it would have been pursued. The barrier it's created for river valley mobility is substantial and I have personally heard more than a few people point the issue out (my mom included, who has been peeve'd by this for ages) so I can only imagine that Council/Admin have both heard numerous complaints. You can guarantee the CoE & TransEd project teams have gotten some heat over it.
Sorry, could not help myself.


honestly, what is the nonsense with the crosswalks? the ones downtown are getting replaced (a bunch of the brickwork getting trashed in the process) even though they all were redone already and seemed to be in good shape. And the bizarre choice to make all of the rest of the crosswalks out of concrete?! what on the earth? they could have been paint on the asphalt for the same end result.

Sidenote, I followed the line today, from Millwoods to Argyle Road. the SUP along 66 Street is done in some places, and completely missing in other places, including across the Whitemud (a very unpleasant detour). There is progress happening on that front, but it's still unusable right now. It might be ready by the time snow falls, but i doubt it. The concrete sidewalks are also a mess in Millwoods, hence above comment lol