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Most of the building was in the 70's or 80's, not so much in the 90's. I wouldn't call it crap, some of it has been maintained or even well maintained.

However, some of it doesn't necessarily fit current tastes or needs well. As well, the city was half the size of now then, so the supply of rental accommodation should also grow to meet the needs of a much larger market.
$300-350 for 550sf is over market value. Will probably need deposits on 80% of units to get shovels in the ground. You will not get 126 people to agree to pay over market value.
Something is happening.
they've done quite a bit not precast. The did take over and complete the Rio Verdie in McMurray. and A couple of 5-6 store appartment/condos.
Synergy are taking on larger projects.
I met with one of their higher ups over the summer and he basically said they've matured to the point as a GC that they're going to be big game hunting for more major projects--especially high rises.

They're currently building a senior's residence for St Michael's Health in Spruce Grove that's a $54m project. To put that in perspective, Glenora Park was originally slated to be only a $36m project (although wouldn't surprise me if it's over $40m).
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The site is fenced off as of this morning and there is a trailer on site. I swear, if this project starts construction this month, that will be the best Christmas gift 🤩

Also just recently fenced off is the site on 102 Ave at 111 Street (previous vet clinic) - I believe Beljan project. Not sure if thread for this.
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