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(read this on a different forum, I don't know how true it is but...)
Proposal is for a mid-rise residential tower (16 storeys) and high-rise residential tower (25 storeys) on a shared podium. The mid-rise would front 101 St. and the tower would be immediately east of that. The existing parkade would be expanded east as well. Also, the design has punched windows then curtain wall and a grey & white colour scheme.
They're really pushing ahead with this, eh?

Reference ID: Job No 309608351-001
Description: To change the Use from Professional, Financial and Office Support Services to Residential Sales Centre (Qualico Residential Sales Centre).
Location: 10423 - 101 STREET NW
Condo Common Area (Plan 1322468)
Status: Intake Review
Create Date: 3/29/2019 8:21:52 AM
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN
Also I would 100% buy a condo from Bob Ross

How far back did you see them? The ones I saw are very recent (since the beginning of the year). If you are referring to the original Stationlands renderings circa 2006, then yes, the most recent ones are completely different.
I have only seen the renderings from 2016 -- nothing more recent -- then the latest suggest that the heading of this thread is incorrect from a height standpoint.