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What do you think of the design of Southpark?

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I was in the area so got some pic's. Will be nice to see this one go, and hopefully Stan\One don't disappoint.


Haven't been in the area for a while. I presume this is phase one and 81 Ave fronting buildings with more density are phase two?
Looks pretty good to me. I imagine they will be using good materials. I maintain it isn't that different from the original as those were simply artist drawings, not official renders. Set back is different, but if you look closely at the renders for what they are building, there are many elements that are very similar. I think a lot of people simply saw what they wanted to see with the buildings that front 81 Avenue and put the Whyte Ave portion out of mind.

What I am concerned about, is what their timelines are for doing phase 2. Their website insisted complete build out by 2020. Obviously, that is not going to happen. Perhaps someone in the know could reach out for more information. I think phase 2 will complement phase 1 with alley activation, but it is kind an if at this point.
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Will be interesting to see how it turns...with how much variability we've seen in renders (even for the first phases),10 here'sl to holding out hope they land closer to the initial basis of design.
News on Whyte Reporting

This just in, live from White Ave, some dirt has been moved !

Bystander, " I liked the dirt how it was before, much more quiet and less congested. Sure, there was a car lot there that has been closed for some years, but the dirt was just fine.
NoW, " Do you think this new development might improve the landscape?
Bystander, "Now your really starting to piss me off, but at least they filled in that disgusting graffiti pit.

In other news, the daycare across the alley is getting a new haircut.


And the salon smack dab in the middle of South Park is now worth a cool million ^ ...


Bystander, "Did I just see you stumbling out of that bar, Lord have mercy!"



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I don't mind them. They're in the alleyway, usually hidden away. I like the visual clutter associated with alleyways. Makes them more romantic somehow in my mind.
I like them, too, @chrisvazquez7 but I prefer that they are not leaning -- makes them look and feel temporary. And I also prefer alleyways -- they are usually more diverse with nooks and crannies and irregular facades -- more interesting for sure.