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What do you think of the design of Southpark?

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Wait, which site? Can you confirm, because they have a couple of sites downtown that are in awful and embarrassing condition (BMO site and Emerald site). Would be great if both were put up for auction.

I would suspect it's probably the BMO site as they apparently got that site for a song and dance a few years ago. I think Emerald has a better likelihood of being developed in the next few years as it's purely going to be residential
Quick shot from my phone from about a month ago. I find it very "meh" but it looks clean and simple enough. I look forward to seeing what tenants go in there to push it into potentially more appealing territory.

Gotta be real close you'd figure. I'd have said Raymond Block might command a slightly higher PSF only because 105 and Whyte is IMO the most prominent spot on the strip, but I'm no CRE broker man so I'm just pissin' in the wind here.
Yep, it's a dog park!
Noticed this today, looks like another lot is going to the dogs...
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I'm assuming it's a dog run. Has anyone heard anything about this?
Whatever it is, I think One/Wheaton did the area a big favour to sod the site, and now this chainlink doggie heaven. It has become a decent and usable space for the community until further development. Wishing a few other developers would take notice, not naming any names Regency. I was hoping that this parcel would have started this year, as was their plan I believe.
Hey, maybe they will shift focus and start on the 81ave site behind this one first?
Yep, it's a dog park! Looks like it'll open this Saturday.


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Yep, it's a dog park!

Yep, it's a dog park! Looks like it'll open this Saturday.

Some picnic tables and seating have been added! Should be a great little spot to rest until it gets developed.

This developer is very considerate and respects the community and Edmonton. I can't think of another developer who was this community focused but I can think of many that could learn some lessons from what this developer is doing.
Lessons to be learned?
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had information regarding starting of phase 2. I'm coming from out of town and looking at possibly renting a unit, but the property manager noted there are additional phases coming on board. I know from the plans it shows four phases, but just uncertain if it may start in the next 12-24 months while I'm in Edmonton.

I'm not able to find much on this, and could only find information about phase 1 on the following website -

Any help/direction would be appreciated!