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Edmonton Riverhawks Baseball 2021 onward

The Bay/ESQ is not a terrible option either and while there is a hill to climb, it's a relatively short walk.

That said, I've never found traffic or parking to be that crazy and once you know the area you can find efficient spots that allow you to come and go fairly easily.
Transit access is not that bad. You can walk down the hill from downtown relatively easily, and you don’t need to walk back up. The number 9 stops right outside the ballpark on Rossdale Road bringing you back up the hill to downtown for onward connections.

I don't think I've seen that stadium so full since Trappers were here! Wow!!
There were a few Prospects games that had some decent crowds, but yeah, this is awesome to see.
  • The Edmonton Riverhawks broke the West Coast League’s attendance record this season, with 104,748 fans showing up to cheer the team on over 27 games. The team’s final game of the season on Aug. 6 saw more than 5,400 in attendance for its 3-0 loss to the Victoria HarbourCats. “It’s been an unbelievable year,” said general manager Steve Hogle. “We’re really touched and we just love feeling the vibe.” The Riverhawks failed to make the playoffs with a disappointing 18-36 record.