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Interesting setbacks...


Montreal knows how to do this properly. You have high-rises with shared walls, built to the lot line. Looks amazing and gives a very strong urban feel.

What doesn't work is attempting a Vancouver style "tower-on-podium" without leaving any setback to the neighbouring tower.

I would gladly take more Montreal, and less Vancouver, if I had my way.
"Status: On The Boards"
Anyone know what that means? My Google search wasn't very helpful.
It must mean that progress is being made on the back-end, because the retail brochure on the One Properties project page states that construction will begin in 2022, with occupancies starting in 2025. I'm a bit skeptical about that, because no permit applications have been summited yet.
Well that sort of answers my question, “what’s the next project for One Properties after CNIB?”
Jasper Ave is run down and really has seen better days. Also, the focus has shifted elsewhere. I would be surprised if very many people would really want to live on a building right on Jasper Ave in this area (maybe a block or two away is ok, less noise and other problems).

I think Jasper Ave would be more suited for things like hotels or office buildings, but I know COVID makes that unlikely in the short term.