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Sep 23, 2015
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kihciy askiy (Sacred Earth) is now under construction in Whitemud Creek.


Initially, the proposed kihciy askiy cultural site will feature:

Circular area for 4 sweat lodges and a permanent ceremonial stone heating device with a water source

Circular area for tipis with permanent feast fire pit for ceremonies and small group workshops

Large tent gathering area for ceremonial feasts and cultural teachings

kihciy askiy pavilion with washrooms, locker rooms, gathering room and storage for ceremonial items

Fifty gravel parking stalls

Two gravel bus parking stalls

Six-metre wide gravel road with turnaround for emergency response vehicles, a permanent ceremonial stone heating device with water source and regrading/seeding of the grassed ceremonial area

Eventually construction will also include a storage building with a built-in amphitheatre as well as additional landscaping and additional walking paths.


Construction Update - December 2021​

As of November 2021, the contractor is now on site. They will start with the foundation of the Pavilion Building and focus on finishing the building throughout the winter months. In spring/summer 2022, utility installation, site grading and landscaping will begin.

Prior to construction starting, a ground blessing was held in September 2021 to thank and honour the relationship between all stakeholders on this project as well as to seek blessing from Mother Earth in allowing construction to take place.

The City will host an information session in early 2022 - more details to come.
Indigenous success stories are at the heart of our podcast, Indigenous Pathways. Host Cheryl Croucher interviews guests about their work, their perspectives, their passions, and their achievements.

This week Cheryl Croucher learns in depth from Lewis Cardinal about the 15 years of planning that’s gone into kihciy askiy, the first Indigenous Ceremonial site in Canada located within Edmonton’s river valley.

Media preview of Canada's first permanent urban Indigenous cultural and ceremonial grounds
September 23, 2022

News media are invited to preview kihciy askiy (Sacred Land) as construction nears completion on Canada’s first urban indigenous cultural and ceremonial grounds. Media will have a guided tour of the site, including access to areas that will become restricted once the site is operational. Representatives from the Counsel of Elders, Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre and City of Edmonton will be available to speak about the project. Construction on the site is ongoing with a grand opening event to be planned in spring 2023.

Date: Tuesday, September 27
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Fox Drive & 142 Street (Google Maps)

This preview is for journalists and active members of the news media

PPE required: hard hat, steel-toe boots, glasses/goggles, vest, long sleeves and gloves. Media must provide their own PPE.

Please RSVP to Michael Steger by 3 p.m. on September 26. Parking instructions will follow.

Project Update - February 2023​

Construction on the project has finished and final landscaping updates will be completed in the spring as weather allows. The City has partnered with the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre (IKWC) to operate kihcihkaw askî. A grand opening is being planned in summer 2023.

Until late 2022, the name kihciy askiy (Sacred Land) had been used for the site. IKWC worked with the kihciy askiy Elders Counsel and University of Alberta linguists to ensure the correct roman orthography spelling and Cree syllabics were being used for the name. This led to a comprehensive discussion around the usage of kihciy askiy and the consensus was that kihcihkaw askî (Sacred Land) was the most appropriate terminology for kihciy askiy.

For information on programming and operations of kihcihkaw askî, please contact the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre.