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If this one is approved, I really hope construction is sooner rather than later because this will make a massive improvement to the area. It will definitely start to feel much more 'big city'.
Completely agreed! It's insane just how underdeveloped the area directly south of 81 Avenue between 105th and Gateway is. You have some of the city’s most walkable streets in the form of Whyte Avenue and Old Strathcona, and only a block in the other direction is parking lots and big-box stores. More developments like this in that area are sorely needed.
@westcoastjos I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but it has to do with the fact that it lies within the TOD zone of a planned future rapid transit route (the south connector LRT). One of these days I'll find out.

Edit: Great, now I'm reading the 144-page EMRB Growth Plan, thanks @westcoastjos
@westcoastjos Found it. It's part of the Regional Evaluation Framework (REF) 2.0:

4.2 Amendments to Statutory Plans
A municipality must refer to the Board any proposed amendment to a statutory plan that meets
one or more of the following conditions:
j) The plan area of the proposed amendment to the statutory plan includes a Park and Ride or​
Planned LRT line or the boundaries of the proposed amendment to the statutory plan are​
within 0.8 km of a Park and Ride or Planned LRT line as identified on Schedule 10B:​
Transportation Systems - Regional Transit and Trails to 2044 in the Edmonton Metropolitan​
Region Growth Plan,​