Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

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Are those CRUs? I figured those were amenity spaces for the residents.
No "For Lease" signs gives a clue.
Yeah, probably look at other similar buildings too. The new Library in Stony Plain with residences above has some CRUs that have been tough to fill. Good model of mixed use there though to have a civic anchor along with CRUs and senior residences. If it weren't for COVID, I'm sure they would have had more success. There is already an abundance of commercial nearby on 124 Street for this building though. You have to think they will have top notch amenities here that will make the building very attractive. If you are affluent, this will be a good option.
It has its moments, but I still cannot shake the stacked construction trailer podium and the heaviness of the hat.