Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

What do you think of this project?

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It was a parking lot for over 30 years, so IMO better than the alternative. It is providing needed, new housing in a good, central location.

As for those other major cities, who are more picky when it comes to design, most of them are unaffordable to live downtown and have a housing crisis.
True, but we are referencing a premiere location of downtown.
Unlike most of you, I'll pass judgement once construction has been completed.
Even if the podium is nice, the tower portion is extremely lack luster. It is not the material, or design itself. Had this been white glazing it would have been incredible for glass add nuisance. This material is fine but extremely dull particularly white as it too bland without a green/blue seafront to contrast it. Simple creativeness at no extra cost would have popped it out. A failed foresight in execution is the primary cause of a fail. If you can't picture how to the tower looks at this point, you not going too when it is finished.
Why are you guys judging the design of this building so hard when a third of it is still covered by tarp and barely any of the finishings have been done? It may come together a little more once it's completed imo.

It's may not turn out to be an architectural marvel, sure, but its a decent new residential tower on 104th street. Frankly until a) prices for housing go up (which is a bad thing) and b) A university here builds an architecture school and program, I don't see how Edmonton could have many world-class designs for buildings without a ton of restrictive design standards.
One thing that stands out to me whenever I go by this site is it’s a pretty damn thick building with big ass floor plates. Up to 10 suites per floor. Younger generations might say it has that architectural massing GYATTT.
For you sure. This is a premiere lot for me and any other city on this planet where a lot is less than 3 blocks from the very point of the central core.