Encore Tower | 138m | 43s | Westrich Pacific | Dub Architects

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As I understand it, their Windsor Park project is directly east across the street from the elementary school. And directly north of Windsor Terrace. I hope the design ends up a bit closer to Encore than the gooch special university heights.
Keep in mind those were their earlier towers. I believe they do all construction in house. They are gaining more experience on every project.
All Construction Management, yes. But the work is still determined by Westrich's design and subcontracted out.
The quality has gotten better from their previous products (i.e. Ultima), but has a long way to go.
I would wager the problems that Westrich’s projects have faced have been more on the construction management side verses design side. It’s so based upon relationships between your project team and your subs/suppliers. There are going to be a lot of growing pains in this regard with a newer company, but also as cost overruns inevitably begin to occur, it becomes more opportune to lowball/cheapen out with your materials and subs, creating substandard product.

There is a reason only a select few developers here do construction management in-house despite the cost.
Still waiting for The Helm....

^One of the nicest condos in the downtown core! 👍🏻
Agreed! Especially since it entirely filled that weird gap in the skyline when you make the bend in 102 Ave. And ESPECIALLY compared to the older proposals for that site that were shoddy and low-rent Fort Mac-esque at best! This is a "right proper banger" of a tower to quote the Brits!