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City's cycling community takes victory lap after approval of velodrome for Coronation Park​

City council approved funding for a new velodrome as part of the Coronation Recreation Centre

Big project for a little man…..can they pull off a $150M velodrome?
Ahh now I see….that’s what I thought. Just another poorly worded hack job by the CBC. Why not just focus on the actual project….NOT what is currently in place…..
It was a crap article, but the budget is also just confusing in general for how much it is changing. The 153mil should be the total cost of a new rec centre including existing pool and new velodrome, new running track, new fitness centre, and new daycare.
But what did the existing pool cost back in 73? Or whatever year it was built. Or are the part in parcel renovations happening to the pool simultaneously as the new Velodrome/running track/fitness Center?