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    Touch the Water Promenade / River Valley "Seawall"

    So in the updated design, we now have "right sized" the terraces (i.e. made them smaller) and removed one out of the two places where a person could theoretically "touch the water". Oh, and it looks like they removed the water feature for good measure. What a disaster! This is all being done in...
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    LRT Safety

    Minister is late to the party.
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    LRT Safety

    Appreciate the info! Hmm, wasn't Edmonton's system running before Calgary's?
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    Old Strathcona / Whyte Avenue

    So they are going to two days a week, Friday and Saturday. To me, this still seems woefully inadequate, and the area could easily support a daily public market. If Old Strathcona Farmers' Market doesn't do it, someone else will beat them to the punch I think.
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    LRT Safety

    Since the transit system crosses municipal borders (e.g St Albert transit running into Edmonton) I think it's fair to use the metro population of 1.5 mil - wonder how many other cities of one and a half million maintain an honour system for transit?
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    12021 Jasper Avenue - high-rise - proposed

    I don't think the tinted look goes well with the architecture of the building.
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    LRT Safety

    Couple of things: 1. The City already gives out free monthly passes under the PATH program for homeless individuals, so fare gates shouldn't prevent most folks legitimately in need from using LRT 2. Fare gates do create a "safe space" or "zone" and will keep out those who are there just to hang...
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    LRT Safety

    Investments in making transit a great alternative transportation method, shouldn't ever be seen as a waste of money.
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    I'm hugely in support of this - but as others mentioned, need to bring food trucks all along the street, make it lively.
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    LRT Safety

    Bring on the fare gates!!!
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    Distinctive and elegant i.e. understated 1960s elegance is simply not in the equation - the current owners think along different lines -e.g. re-cladding the hotel in the national colours of Serbia because that is where you immigrated from.
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    Edmonton | The Augustana | 96m | 30s | Pangman | DIALOG

    Good news, I am sure this will free up capital for Pangman's next project, and they do great work.
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    Edmonton and the Hydrogen Economy

    Perhaps they'll book both the EXPO and the ECC.
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    LRT Safety

    People forget that the previous council had put in place multiple years of very low tax increases or in some cases zeros. At some point, things break. Seems pretty obvious that a lot of City departments are way overstretched. You have dirt, sand and filth on the streets well into May, you...
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    Downtown Crime

    Also, random beating to death of an autobody worker in Chinatown: This is unbelievable. There is nothing progressive about allowing public streets and transit to become places of...