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    Kitchen By Brad was always an enclosed space. I hope the next tenant opens something that is more window-friendly.
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    Thanks for reminding me, @_urbanite - it could be that soil remediation from that gas station is likely the reason why it's taking so long for development to occur.
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    Pope Francis visit to Western Canada - July 24-27
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    General Food & Dining Thread

    That didn't last very long
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    15 years later, the NE corner of Jasper Ave and 116 St is still begging for development
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    Coming soon to Jasper Ave and 115 St in the former Scotia Bank building
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    Ray Gibbon Drive

    Ray Gibbon Drive twinning from McKenney Drive to the Enjoy Centre is coming along quite nicely, including the new bridge over the Sturgeon River. I anticipate the opening to occur before year end. BTW I wanted to turn onto Villeneuve Road to get to Ray Gibbon Drive but they have closed this...
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    Edmonton | Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    MKT is still open though it looks like their patio is closed or moved
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    Past Vs Present
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    Past Vs Present

    Does anyone miss these slum hotels with the "No Knives" signs?
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    Past Vs Present

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    Around Edmonton

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    Edmonton summer festivals
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    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion