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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Glad to finally have that sidewalk open along the south side of 104 Avenue. I also like those bollards that drop into the sidewalk. I am curious to see how lit this plaza becomes, I guess tomorrow night will be the first go at it. I'll be inside ;-)
  2. cmd uw

    49 West | 25m | 6s | Beljan

    We're working through it right now. Hope to have a DP decision issued in short order.
  3. cmd uw

    Edmonton | The Hive | 75.89m | 22s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Nope. The Tang site was tied to the parking lot on the opposite side. The sites weren't physically connected to each other other then being zoned under the same DC2, which we amended with our new rezoning.
  4. cmd uw

    Edmonton | The Hive | 75.89m | 22s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    First off, tower projects just don't happen that quickly. There's a lot of work that has to be done before you get into a position to submitting a development permit application, then into detailed design, then submitting a building permit, then financing, then construction. Lot's of steps, and...
  5. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Blue Chicago Redevelopment | ?m | 29s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    Ideally you'd want to open after the LRT construction, so my guess is that they'll start (that is IF they actually plan to build anything) in about 2-years, and that is following an aggressive schedule.
  6. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Well, I'm happy the vacant 'eyesore' of a lot is concealed from street level. About time. But this is far from a pat on the back to the owner and I truly hope they place their attention on this project to get it going. Or sell it to someone else who will.
  7. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Brighton Block | 24m | 6s | Primavera | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    To be honest, it'll take a lot more then that to stabilize the building that will satisfy the debt-holders. It's in a tough spot unfortunately.
  8. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    If they've just started their fit out it'll be 90-days at best before they are ready to open. That takes them to end of summer/early fall.
  9. cmd uw

    Edmonton | The MacLaren | 85.04m | 27s | Edgar | DIALOG

    You'd likely never notice the traffic especially if you were higher up or faced east. The difference between 124 St and 102 Ave is that it's not a 'raceway' like 105 Street can be. Vehicles are generally moving slower in this area.
  10. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Horne and Pitfield Building Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Limak Investments

    How did you draw your conclusions on the 'Potentially Dead' projects? Based on what I know most of these are not even close to being 'dead'. My only caveat would be Strathearn Heights Phase 1...otherwise I'd say you're off on many of these.
  11. cmd uw

    Edmonton | The Mercury Block | 21.7m | 6s

    I like West Village or something along those lines. It represents the geographical area in that it sits 'west' of the downtown core. Village represents the 'community' given the density and that a significant number of people reside in this area. It's also 'benign' in the sense that it's not...
  12. cmd uw

    Edmonton | The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    A very important project for the Warehouse District which compliments the Warehouse Park. Then to get the Edgar's Shift Tower going and this area will feel quite a bit different. Exciting times for the western fringe of the downtown core.
  13. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Open Sky 121st Street Project | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    Why would they need to 're-shore'?
  14. cmd uw

    Edmonton | CNIB Redevelopment | 106m | 32s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    That's all up to Epcor. It's not cheap to relocate overhead lines u/g. But this doesn't really bother me as you see this all over - Toronto, Vancouver, etc.
  15. cmd uw

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Ha...ohhhh bringin' back some ol' school sh!t