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  1. ChazYEG

    New Edmonton Casino?

    I just wish we had gone the Vegas route and concentrated the casinos all in the same (preferably somewhat central) area. Would've been interesting to have an entertainment district with casinos, hotels, theatres, etc...
  2. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    But you can see the trailers... Interesting...
  3. ChazYEG

    Village at ICE District | ICE District Prop. | Stantec

    If I could correctly, there are ten 90m towers there. HOLY!!! It'll make one PHENOMENAL impact in the skyline if they ever get built like this. And I can't help but notice that the former Baccarat land is not included. If I'm not mistaken, someone here had said it would accommodate 2 or 3 towers...
  4. ChazYEG

    General Food & Dining Thread

    Already know where NOT to eat.
  5. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Maclab Garneau | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development | Diamond Schmitt

    Might not even be. I think the Fox and The Parks are at least just as big, aren't they?
  6. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Open Sky 121st Street Project | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    They were actually dropping the equipment when I got there, not pulling up.
  7. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Open Sky 121st Street Project | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    Fear no more. They were actually bringing some equipment into the hole yesterday. The picture is terrible, but that's what they were doing.
  8. ChazYEG


    Three levels, including dance floor and rooftop patio. I heard the people behind this are from Toronto, but have not been able to verify the information yet.
  9. ChazYEG

    Around Edmonton

    100% agreed. Also, even the -10 to -25 is an exaggeration, tbh. Except for the odd coldsnap, we'll consistently be between -5 and -15, mostly sunny and about 30 snowy days/season. I'll gladly take this over the doom and gloom of endless rain in Vancouver, for example. I'll also take Edmonton's...
  10. ChazYEG

    Edmonton | Substation #600 | ?m | 3s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    It's good to remember that most of the province has faced drought conditions in the past year, which raised the price of grains significantly. Staffing has also become more expensive, as the job market is now favoring the job seekers (and has been like this for almost 7 months now). Other issues...
  11. ChazYEG

    Misc. Transportation Projects

    And some people are basically poets, when they're quiet.
  12. ChazYEG

    General Photography Discussion Thread

    Ian, please enlighten me as to why in the living F there are pictures of Calgary in the Edmonton forum.
  13. ChazYEG

    Alberta Politics

    Of Danielle Smith becomes premier of Alberta I foresee me moving to Ontario (nope, not BC, thank you sir).