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    Edmonton | Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop. | Stantec

    Hard to open a fast food joint that would mainly serve a lunch crowd when there are few office workers in your building. Look at Olly Frescos in City Centre Mall, they just closed permanently because there haven't been many workers back in the offices yet.
  2. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    EPCOR Tower was constructed without a pedway connection and the residential tower and midrise to the north are planned to be built without a pedway connection south of 104 Ave as well (as far as I know). Is a pedway from Churchill Station north across 103A/104 Ave absolutely critical for...
  3. Avenuer

    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    Hard to stay open when your business relied almost solely on office workers at lunch, that mostly haven't been in the office for nearly two years now.
  4. Avenuer

    Downtown Crime

    Funny how there isn't much police presence given the City's police HQ is a mere two blocks away...
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    Downtown Real Estate

    A new use is being added (Auto Sales) to an existing auto repair shop.
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    Edmonton | Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium Restoration | ?m | 1s | City of Edmonton | Arch|TB

    'Once open to the public, one portion of the building will be dedicated as park washrooms accessible to the public during park hours. The other part of the building will be leased to TELUS World of Science Edmonton to support their public programs and events.'
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    Edmonton | The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280m | 80s | Alldritt Land | Kennedy

    Well let's wait and see what the final-ish design looks like, as I highly doubt the latest iteration we've seen will be what is finally proposed for construction.
  8. Avenuer

    Past Vs Present

    I was never a fan of the pure 2000s stucco look of ECC so any use of glazing over that is an improvement in my eyes.
  9. Avenuer

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    YYC will likely have the most cuts given that they are WestJet's main hub.
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    Cycling in Edmonton

    95th Street is not within the scope of that project, unfortunately, as it's classified as an 'Arterial', which has it's own separate renewal program. I'd LOVE if the stretch between 118th and Jasper as mentioned was renewed along the lines of the 132 Avenue project - the vibe in Little Italy...
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    Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

    Yup, the Yellowhead and CN rail is a huge barrier to active transportation. I've biked across both the 97 and 82 Street intersections and I agree that they are sketchy at best on bike or foot.
  12. Avenuer

    Past Vs Present

    You're crazy!
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    Old Strathcona & The Garneau Real Estate

    It did in April 2021 for 3.16 million.
  14. Avenuer

    Edmonton's Population

    Edmonton's lead is only around 4,000 and given that the lead hasn't been much more than that over the past few years I reckon that lead isn't set in stone...yet.
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    OH yeah, for a dive bar the food was actually very good, especially the pizza. I wonder which karaoke haunt Jungle Jim will patronize now...