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    Edmonton Design Week 2022 - Oct 11-15

    I'll be going to a studio tour or two.
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    Work is for 'security upgrades' which result in a refreshed street-level facade:
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    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    Yes, the east crane behind CN Tower is needed as the west crane radius will not reach the entirety of the 5-storey podium that is being built along with the west 14-storey mid-rise (total 285 dwellings). The east tower is still planned for Phase 2 of construction.
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    $1,000/year seems very high for a fitness facility. I know if I lived Downtown still I wouldn't be paying that.
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    If most residential towers in the core already have gyms and/or pools, then the YMCA would be serving those that don't have those facilities as well as any office workers in the area that don't have such fitness amenities in their buildings. I wonder if most YMCA patrons pre-pandemic were office...
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    Alberta Politics

    And the FIFA bid
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    103 Avenue Civic Precinct Renewal

    Not sure - I never understood why the sidewalk in front of The Churchill was so much wider than on the north side in front of the Mainstreet apartments considering the former has no CRUs, just old people.
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    103 Avenue Civic Precinct Renewal

    From Monday:
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    Warehouse District Park

    Not related to selling alcohol directly by a playground, but in many parts of Europe you can walk in city parks, where children are sometimes present along with playgrounds, and openly consume alcohol. Having a licensed establishment within the park will not cause mayhem.
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    Edmonton | Bateman Lands Mid-Rise | 34m | 8s | Bateman Properties | Next Architecture

    How is the Parks an example? It is actively under construction right now.
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    West Edmonton Mall

    Bland, but durable and many things still made in the US. Quality over flashiness is what they are known for.
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    Edmonton | Lewis Farms Community Recreation Centre | ?m | ?s | Saucier + Perrotte

    Funding for the project was part of the 2019-2022 Capital budget and was deferred. In December 2021, $283 million in funding was approved for the project to proceed with a target completion of 2027.