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    Highway 15 Bridge Twinning

    Went by yesterday. Looks like all the concrete barriers are still to be done. The road surfaces are close. just a bit of paving near the bridge north side left. and all the guard rails are needed along the roadway.
  2. Airboy


    Noticed today the Mila pub is surrounded by fencing. I didn't notice that on Friday.
  3. Airboy

    Edmonton | ICE District Block BG | 142m | 42s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    5 tenants with more staff on site than Stantec right now.
  4. Airboy

    Edmonton | Ortona Armoury Arts Building Rehabilitation | ?m | 2s | City of Edmonton

    Yup don't expect construction costs to go down anytime soon.
  5. Airboy

    Oliver Crossing | 21m | 7s | Eagle Builders | Gardner Architecture Inc.

    Yup went by yesterday and saw it sitting proud
  6. Airboy


    Sister in law used to get the flower for event, used local flower shops. Visiting heads of states or ambassadors got gifts. I believe the greenhouses were for plants for the grounds.
  7. Airboy

    Jasper Avenue New Vision / Imagine Jasper Avenue

    Looks like 1 more concrete pour on 97st. but they are really pushing it. I do like the larger sidewalks on the west side
  8. Airboy

    Edmonton | 124 Westmount | ?m | 2s | Beljan Development | Dub Architects

    Yup and a few other radio people could be found there as well as Add guys.
  9. Airboy

    Edmonton | Saint A Square | ?m | 7s | Niche Developments

    No work done in over a month.
  10. Airboy

    Edmonton | Inglewood Supportive Housing | ?m | 5s | Homeward Trust

    Looks Like Goldbar is the Mechanical on all 3.
  11. Airboy

    Edmonton | 124 Westmount | ?m | 2s | Beljan Development | Dub Architects

    No it was a pretty popular bar, a couple of suppliers of HVAC equipment could always be found there. Had a few Afternoon "meetings" there.
  12. Airboy


    Yup there's 3 of them in the NW. 124st and 119ave, about 129st and 111ave and the one off of 137th. Some descent contractors and subs on these.
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    Edmonton | Walterdale Bridge Replacement | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton | DIALOG

    I remember when QE rd was 2 way. Actually its seared in my memory. A drunk driver lost control coming up the hill at took 6 of us out.
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    Edmonton | Rogers Place | ?m | ?s | Katz Group | HOK

    That casino was badly designed. Small and felt like they jammed everything in. And Yes Parking was the issue as well. The old casino was also loosing customers before. Working in Volunteer groups that One had a bad rep.