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    A complete reclad?
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    Some sort of replacement climate control system for the underground parking?
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    Alberta Politics

    Rempel's not running 👀
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    Alberta Politics

    Actually both the polls post-Kenney's resignation announcement show the UCP leading, albeit just barely (1, 2). They also both show what are, in my opinion, unrealistically high polling numbers for the WIP. For context back in 2019, Fildebrandt's Freedom Conservative Party would occasionally...
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    Alberta Politics

    I don't think the NDP will be coming back to power anytime soon. Their best hope was that Hinman's Wildrose Independence Party split the vote, but with all 3 of the top UCP contenders being very pro-firewall types I think it'll take most the wind out of the separatists' sails. Could be wrong though.
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    Alberta Politics

    Yah, I think a lot of them will be pruned when it comes time to cough up more installments of the $150,000 entrance fee, that's twice the federal Liberal leadership entrance fee in 2013 for context of just how crazy much it is. I could pretty easily see Michelle Rempel winning now that she's...
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    Alberta Politics

    Provinces are to some degree sovereign in Canadian Confederation, cities (and neighbourhoods, etc) aren't. I'm 100% in favour of Alberta taking full advantage of this system to further our interests. That said, I'm not sure Smith's libertarianism is really what the province needs right now.
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    Italian Bakery | ?m | 2s | Riddell Kurczaba

    I hope it can move along quicker so I can finally get back to having their delicious sandwiches for lunch.
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    Looks really nice, very excited by the possibility of more non-market housing getting built. That said, I worry that if this were ever built Chinatown would just become even more weighted down than it already is, these sorts of services really ideally need to be more spread out through the city.
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    Neighbourhood Renewal

    Work on 115 Ave. east of 95 St. seems to be well under way now. Looking forward to this being done, the section west of 95 St. looks great and it's been a complete night and day sort of improvement. From this afternoon:
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    Downtown Crime

    Sorry does Paquette really think this makes the city council look better? That they had no sense of urgency and twiddled their thumbs and wasted time and money on consultants instead of actually doing something for YEARS until they were finally spanked by the province? lmao Commissioning...
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    Some shots of the new Inglewood Supportive Housing from a few days ago. Looking NW: Looking NE:
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    LRT Safety

    I think you linked the wrong article by mistake. Here's the Journal's article with the full letter: