A surprise post this morning by JK Land Ownership LLC (JKLOL) via their Facebook Page announced a redevelopment a large property in Rossdale into a low-rise, multi-unit residential development near RE/MAX Field and the decommissioned Rossdale Generating Station.

Spanish Villa by JK Land Ownership LLC, image supplied

Spanish Villa is a 41-unit residential development designed by Elbonia-based A.P. Rilfüls Architecture. In the post, JKLOL president Arthur Isderivative, announced the development with numerous renderings of the character development in historic Rossdale Flats, which inexplicably also included a photo of his cat.

According to the post, the cat's name is Bing Clawsby.

Bing Clawsby is pretty cute, though; photo supplied

"Spanish Villa is a development unlike anything Edmonton has seen before. The missing middle has been found," continues Isderivative. "It was behind my couch the whole time."

When asked in a phone interview why the development is named Spanish Villa despite the clear Tudor-style architecture, Isderivative asked why that matters while audibly shrugging. "Nothing matters, really," he responded, which was followed by low growling sounds which we hope were made by the cat.

Sketch of the ground-level interaction, image supplied

The proposal has not yet been vetted by the Edmonton Design Committee, but when reached for comment about the initial renderings, committee chair Wes Sims replied, "that's it, I'm done, I give up, I quit, I'm outta here" followed by the sounds of a car door slamming and tires screeching.

According to the Facebook post, Spanish Villa will include amenities such as indoor plumbing, walls, doors, and "enough parking to choke a bison."

Definitely a professional rendering, image supplied

The Spanish Villa development is expected to break ground on Octover 32nd.

SkyriseEdmonton will absolutely not be following this project as it progresses, but we hope that this post has helped brighten up your April First. If so, please let us know in the comments below!