Branded by the City as the acronym-heavy, "TLC for LRT" initiative, the ETS is set to embark upon a multi-million dollar maintenance and construction program. Set to take course this spring and summer, the program will involve a comprehensive schedule of vehicle, track, and station repairs and upgrades as part of a large scale revitalization effort primarily effecting operations on the Capital Line. Service upon the Capital Line will therefore be suspended to NAIT Station, as crews begin the months-long process of assessing, repairing, and upgrading as required.

Bay/Enterprise Square Station, image by Flickr user Michael Chu via Creative Commons

Aware of the disruption this will cause for commuters and transit users generally, the City will be hosting a media Q&A on Tuesday, March 26 at the Central LRT Station concourse at 10AM. Interested news and media personnel are encouraged to contact ETS Communications Advisor Rowan Anderson for further details. Lloyd Meyer, Manager of LRT Operations, along with Brad Smid, Acting Director of LRT Infrastructure Delivery, and Don Hawkes, Supervisor for Facility Infrastructure Delivery, will be in attendance to answer all questions. 

Do Not Enter, ETS LRT Station, image by Flickr user Mack Male via Creative Commons

Interested in the TLC for LRT initiative? Depend on the Capital Line to get to work? Check out the event and tell us all about it in the comments section below!