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That first progress bar was in relation to a preliminary system update before the real update begins.
By Davies Station:
Permanent pillars? Hopefully they can pained grey to match.

“A contractor failed to mix some of the concrete properly and falsified records to hide the error. One man was sentenced to a year in prison, and Metro will have to apply a special solution to keep the concrete from cracking.” This from an excerpt about the New Silver line in DC to Dulles.
I don't know if they're permanent, but I hope they can help with the structure. Perhaps the pillars can be painted red with a maple leaf covering a Y. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be artistic.
I cannot see those being permanent and 'simply' there to permit remediation and rectification.
Only because their BRT Transitway was already nearly all grade-separated, so it was easy to just replace the bus lanes with LRT.
Thats overly generous, Ottawa added a very impressive new tunnel under its downtown core! Edmonton's is also super impressive and honestly for the high floor lines I get the sense we will see an added focus on grade separation thanks to the Metro Line going forward (can already see that on Capital Line South). It's more expensive but let's you get substantially more capacity out of the expensive existing asset.

No reason that Edmonton couldn't see 90 second headways like SkyTrain, REM in Montreal and the Ontario Line in Toronto in the downtown tunnel someday - but a lot of changes will be needed to get us there!