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X-Wing in action. I tried to wait around to get a video of it moving but I think the work crew got camera shy and ran 😆


Can’t find any information on this LRV. Has anyone else tried?
Not sure about the world, but a recent research I've done has it as the only in the Americas.

Rio has 7 segs :)
They have done tram/ LRV type vehicles around the world, just not much for North America. They did supply the cars to the Canada Line in Vancouver, and while it is commuter railroad equipment, Silverliner V cars to SEPTA and Denver.

The Purple Line in Maryland will have LRV's slightly longer than Edmonton's. Those will be built by CAF.

Hyundai has a mixed record in NA, their trains in the US have had a lot of issues (LA / Philly) but the trains in Vancouver are excellent. They haven't made many trams though, I really like the design here - full sized front door and the white door outlines look sharp. It's amazing how the US manages to always get really ugly stuff . . . these are the Purp. Line trains . . . the look 20 years old and aren't even in service


I remember it being a thing with the Bombardier LRVs on VLSE that they were using 7 segments instead of the 5 the Flexity was originally designed for. From what i read, it does make our units unusually long. There's a couple soft standards for train length (in Germany, LRT can only have trains up to 105m,, so trains have to be designed to maximize that length, which is where our U2s get their 25m length from, for example) but usually trains are either shorter trams or longer subway-type systems. we're kinda wierdos in the middle lol.
Thanks to everyone sharing info on Hyundai's offerings for trams! it was so cool to come home and see all this info just hours after the announcement. I am curious about what base model they use for our trains, and what the end treatment will be. from what i've seen/read, the ends of the trains are relatively easy to update, and get restyled to keep models looking fresh, but mechanically the trains are the same everywhere else. I wonder if we will get the same trains as shown in the photos, or if by 2025 something will have been changed?

The trains will likely be near identical to the renders - they have been in other places. 7+ segment LRVs are fairly common globally, just not in NA! I wish Toronto had have asked about 7 segment trains, having seen the sets on the Crosstown / Line 5 a massive amount of space is wasted by couplers - fortunately in Toronto the trains each only have 1 cab and are connected back to back.