Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

What do you think of this project?

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not referring to its function but its proportions. couldn't care less if it was a throne for the queen of freaking England
Hats seem to be back in fashion for buildings. Of course, for the Queen, they never went out of style.

I'm not sure they look so well on buildings though.
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I find that this building looks better in the evenings. It does a pretty good job at reflecting sunsets 👌🏼
It is a bedroom community akin to Sherwood Park but the housing demand in GTA is so strong that it is turning into towers. One of the suburbs furthest along the densification journey within North America certainly, and probably the world.
Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada just behind Edmonton and ahead of Vancouver and Winnipeg. Sherwood Park is not even a hamlet, its a little clustering of houses in a part of a county and has zero identity and its population is 1/11th the population of Mississauga.
I vote we put the 'sauga saga behind us and keep this thread about the tower (says the guy who loves to derail threads).
This tower reminds me of my time working up near Fort McMurray living in a modular camp.

A behemoth of stacked modular units... very disappointing.
I actually thought the same thing when I saw the photo Ian posted with the non-tower segment. Reminded me of a big ATCO camp, but only from that angle. Building looks great IMO.

It's a tower design that plays with my mind.

In the right light I quite like it; at other times of the day it is very much a stacked camp.