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I’m not understanding this Toronto reference. Toronto has entire neighbourhoods of beautiful low and mid rise buildings. Here’s one example of many. Basically any where west of downtown is a great mix. Probably east too, but I don’t know that area as well

The areas immediately adjacent to downtown do have a pretty good mix (Riverdale, Kensington Market, The Annex, etc), but I think @Platinum107 is talking about the TOD nodes a little farther out from the core. If you look at North York, Humber Bay, Eglington-Yonge, etc. It basically goes from high-urban condo towers to single family residential in a block or less. Also even in those near downtown neighborhoods, the dominant housing type is still single-family detached, though as you say much more mixed. North York is definitely the worst offender, though it isn't the only one.
Jeez, for a second there I thought that I had inadvertently accessed the wrong forum.

Jeez, maybe utilizing the character of the building this thread is focused on to expand the conversation further is what creates interesting dialog.
Spring 2024? Better hurry.

Agree to disagree. I'll take these over stucco 11/10 times. Especially over time
100% agree with you. When they're new they look the same but this kind of siding will hold up so much better down the line 😭