Prairie Sky - the company behind a proposal to build a gondola between Old Strathcona and Downtown - is presenting a feasibility study to City Council's Urban Planning Committee on Tuesday, hoping to gain Council's support to continue pursuing the project.

Sketch of gondola station at Rossdale power plant, image via Prairie Sky

The report being presented to the committee represents an economic and technical feasibility study by Prairie Sky in conjunction with DIALOG and SCJ Alliance for a privately owned and operated gondola service.

The report details a three-kilometre route from ATB Place Downtown to Old Strathcona at Whyte Avenue, making stops at North Rossdale, the Rossdale Generating Station, and End of Steel Park. The ride from end-to-end is expected to take approximately 12 minutes and have a capacity of 1,800 persons per hour per direction.

Map of gondola route and stations, image via Prairie Sky

The project's aim is to better connect the city's two busiest districts for those without a car, increase Edmonton's tourism, while also helping to boost the potential of the decommissioned Rossdale Generating Station to be reimagined for new uses.

Though a relatively new idea for a North American city, gondolas have been built and continue to operate successfully as an important part of urban transportation infrastructure in cities such as La Paz Bolivia, Barcelona Spain, and Singapore; other cities such as New York and Portland Oregon are also currently researching their feasibility.

An urban gondola in Barcelona, Spain, photo by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson via Flickr

The feasibility study can be found via the Urban Planning Committee agenda, Item 6.1. The committee convenes on Tuesday, January 28 at 9:30am in the River Valley Room at City Hall.

SkyriseEdmonton will continue to follow the project as it progresses. More information can be found in the Database file linked below. What do you think of the Prairie Sky Gondola proposal? Leave a comment below, or join the conversation in our Forum!