It's been a little over a month since we last checked in on the 24-story Hat at Five Corners by Cidex Group, and though visual progress on the exterior has been slow, it has inched much closer to completion.

Hat at Five Corners by Cidex Group and NORR, photo by Dave Sutherland

The podium of the NORR Architects-designed building appears to be completely enclosed with glazing now, and doors have been installed. Only the application of the final exterior cladding appears to remain, to be followed up with final hard and soft landscaping.

Podium and plaza facing Five Corners, photo by Dave Sutherland

Installation of balcony rails and glass appears to be complete on all sides and floors of the main portion of the two-tone tower.

Main residential entrance, photo by Dave Sutherland

The finishing touches are nearly complete at the tower's penthouse levels and crown, with finishing cladding materials now applied; the final balcony railings and glass appear to be the only remaining element to be installed on the penthouse exterior.

Penthouse and crown, photo by Dave Sutherland

When complete, Hat at Five Corners will add 199 residential units and new retail opportunities to the growing Quarters district.

Hat at Five Corners by Cidex Group and NORR, photo by Dave Sutherland

SkyriseEdmonton will continue to follow this project as it progresses. More information can be found in the project Database. What do you think of Hat at Five Corners? Leave a comment below, or join the discussion in our Forum!

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