Six weeks following our last look at the KENNEDY-designed Symphony Tower, and it would appear that construction is now complete. The fences have recently come down, allowing for a closer look at how one of the newest additions to Rossdale and the local skyline meets the street.

Townhouses overlooking Rossdale and the Walterdale Bridge, photo by Dave Sutherland

Townhouse units line the steeply sloping 106 Street frontage, giving the podium a natural visual interest as it rises with the elevation. The units are also angled back from the south end, which provides visual continuity to the historical Foote House on the corner. A small plaza ties the old and new together, with planters ready to grow some greenery as soon as spring sets in.

Symphony's plaza with Foote House on the left, photo by Dave Sutherland

At the opposite side of the building, a steel catwalk awaits installation to connect residents of the building directly to the Legislature grounds to the west.

Catwalk to the Legislature grounds awaiting installation, photo by Dave Sutherland

Peering into the tower entrance, few expenses seem to have been spared in the interior design of the lobby and common areas that warmly welcome residents and visitors.

Tower lobby, photo by Dave Sutherland

Marble, glass, tile, and wood accents come together with great effect through the lobby and main corridors. Indeed, one need only peer through the front door to realize how the Symphony Tower was originally conceived to be the most expensive condo project in Edmonton. 

Common area, photo by Dave Sutherland

Construction on Symphony Tower began in earnest in late 2015, however construction challenges with the soil conditions and the steep slope of the site resulted in delays. The wait may have been worth it, however, as not only does the tower provide exceptional views of the river valley and the Legislature for its residents, but the unique curves of the tower's glass facade are a striking addition to the skyline as seen from the south.

Symphony in the skyline, photo by forum contributor Kaizen

SkyriseEdmonton has been pleased to follow this unique project from its earliest stages through to its completion. Re-live the progress through the photos in the project database or our discussion forum. What do you think about how this project has turned out? Let us know in the comments below!

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