The 1912 Brighton Block now under heavy redevelopment appears to be ready to pop its top as work crews prepare the structure for its multi-storey commercial expansion. With its historic brick facade currently undergoing a thorough restoration, the situation behind-the-scenes has been developing along far different lines, the century-old Jasper Ave commercial block set to receive a massive overhaul. 

Brighton Block, ready to pop, image by Flickr user cdnklc via Creative Commons

Hollowed out late last year, the Brighton Block will constitute a near complete ground-up rebuild save for the aforementioned historic brick facade, complete with hand-painted signage and stone accents. Around back, where things look a little less tidy, the rear of the structure will continue to appear as a work in progress throughout the duration of the rebuild. 

Brighton Block, rear view, image by Flickr user cdnklc via Creative Commons

The former photography chemist and print shop is set to be reborn by developer Primavera Development Group and lead designers Hodgson Schilf Evans Architects into a 6-storey mixed-use commercial space. The project will combine a mix of retail and office space, with room left over upon the street-facing portion of the original roofline for a sizeable outdoor terrace. The expanded height will reach up a further three storeys than the original structure, the modern glass-encased addition to sit comfortably back from the historic facade. 

Brighton Block, as it will appear upon completion, image via Primavera Development Group

Once complete, the re-imagined Brighton Block will serve to reanimate a key stretch of central Jasper Ave at the heart of the city. To this end, a street-level, 4,000 square-foot retail frontage will further serve to reintroduce the century-old block into the streetscape. 

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