While few would argue with the undeniable beauty of Gallagher Park, the City of Edmonton is endeavouring to improve the role of one of its premiere green spaces and special events venues via a 20-year plan. To these ends City Hall is seeking public input to help shape The Gallagher Park Concept Plan ahead of its upcoming redesign. 

Gallagher Park, image via the City of Edmonton

The Gallagher Park Public Engagement Plan will unfold in three phases, including the current introductory phase, which involves public consultations, open houses, and an online survey. The second phase, set for this summer, will involve the welcoming of design proposals for public review. The third and final phase, set for this fall, will see the shortlisted design schemes placed before further public and expert review - leading to the selection of the winning concept. 

Gallagher Park, image by Flickr user Michael Bodnar via Creative Commons

The City of Edmonton is encouraging all interested in the future of Gallagher Park to take part in the process, and in particular, to fill out the online survey, attend public open houses, and take the lead in the redesign of one of Edmonton's greatest natural resources. 

Interested in the future of Gallagher Park? Want to help ensure it remains an urban Oasis? Check out the survey and tell us all about it in the comments section below!