Five years in the making, the 105 Avenue (Columbia Ave) Streetscape Plan has been wending its way through City Hall since 2013. Concerning the downtown stretch of 105 Ave, the project has been remade piecemeal over the last five years, with updates to the configuration and layout of the improved streetscape evolving in-step alongside the ever-changing face of the core.

Columbia Ave Improvement Plan, Gateways, image via City of Edmonton

A work in progress, the City of Edmonton will be hosting a public information session on the future of the Columbia Ave corridor on October 30, 2018 at the Queen Mary Park Community League from 5-8PM. The event will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the City's latest plans, and to engage directly with City planning staff with any questions or concerns about the project. 

Columbia Ave Improvement Plan, Pedestrianization, image via City of Edmonton

While a large chunk of the work towards the western edge of the improvement zone has already been completed, City Hall is determined to push through one of two options for fully separated bike lanes along the entire length of the study area. Earlier this year, a public consultation was held to this effect, during which either a two-way protected lane with one-way vehicle traffic and a parking lane was compared against a one-way protected bike lane with two-way vehicle traffic and no parking. 

Columbia Ave Improvement Plan, Bike Lanes, image via City of Edmonton

These alternatives, along with all other aspects of the project, will be raised again at the upcoming public information session on October 30. For more information, check out the related link here.

Interested in the future of 105 (Columbia) Avenue? Avid cyclist? Ardent motorist? Check out the event and tell us all about it in the comments section below!