The City of Edmonton is looking to make the downtown Civic Precinct more child-friendly as part of a larger initiative to promote the core as a place for families to enjoy and explore. Bound by Churchill Square, City Hall Plaza, and Centennial Plaza, Edmonton's Civic Precinct has experienced a great deal of growth in recent years, adjacent to both the rapidly rising ICE District and Stanley A. Milner Library

Edmonton City Hall Plaza, image by Flickr user IQRemix via Creative Commons

To these ends, the City, in conjunction with the Child Friendly Edmonton Initiative, has created an online survey, which will be open to the public until October 15. Participants can expect a range of questions regarding their own use of the Civic Precinct, and what family-friendly improvements they would like to see.

Stanley A. Milner Library, soon to attract families to the core, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Viewed above, the Stanley A. Milner Library will open soon, the revitalized central branch and its expanded children's library will likely attract many more families to the core than in recent years. This in addition to the ICE District and Rogers Place, will also be a major draw in years to come.  

Interested in making downtown Edmonton more child-freindly? Think it already is? Fill out the survey and tell us all about it in the comments section below!