Today's Throwback Thursday looks back to a time before the Fox Towers made their debut upon the Edmonton skyline, the "twin" 33-and-28-storey high-rises now a downtown fixture. Designed by KENNEDY for Langham Developments Limited, the Fox Towers have brought approximately 300 units to the corner of 104 St NW and 102 Ave NW - the site of a former parking lot, thereby becoming a part of Edmonton's ongoing urban renaissance. 

Looking south on 104 St NW back in April, 2010, image via Google Street View

Viewed above back in 2010, the future site of the Fox Towers was little more than a parking lot, the then ubiquitous sight one of many such lots to have since disappeared from the core. 

Same view looking south on 104 St NW in May 2017, image via Google Street View

Moving on to the present, the arrival of the Fox Towers has brought a great deal of density and height to the immediate area, this and other similar developments to have helped restore the pedestrian vibrancy that once defined Edmonton's downtown. 

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