In light of recent reports of mass expropriations to make way for the construction of the Valley Line West LRT westward along Stony Plain Road, a lone voice has risen above the din of public discourse, that of the city's purveyors of beer, wine, and spirits. Brought to light by the fate Liquor International at 151 St NW and Stony Plain Road, which will soon face demolition, the restrictive zoning bylaws which prohibit the co-existence of liquor stores within 500 metres of one another, have been brought forward by council for debate following a round of public input. 

Liquor International, Stony Plain Rd, image via Google Street View

Dating back to 2007, the current rules stipulate that with an eye towards civic propriety, no two liquor stores can be placed closer than 500 metres either from one another, or to a public park. Created in an effort to curb crime and disorder, these laws have never sat well with those on the business side of selling alcohol, a city as large and, in places, as densely populated as Edmonton, posing a challenge for those looking to make a living off of liquor sales. 

Liquor Depot, Edmonton, image by Flickr user Kurt Bauschardt via Creative Commons

Thus, in an effort to curb civic unrest in the face of the implementation of over-zealous "booze boundaries," the City has issued an online survey, open until July 23, 2018, which members of the public are invited to fill out. This feedback will help form the foundation of upcoming council debates in relation to the zoning laws, and could very well shape the future of public policy. Relevant today more than ever, especially in light of the real pressures faced by the aforementioned LRT expropriations, the continuance - or dissolution - of the current restrictions will have far-reaching implications in regards to how and where Edmontonians will get their liquor. 
Up in arms over the City's longstanding liquor zoning bylaws? Take the survey and share your thoughts in the comments section below!