Just in time for some sunny spring weather, Dub Architects' solar-powered The Edge is almost move-in ready. Clad on the south side by no less than 500 solar panels, the aptly named, The Edge boasts the largest vertical solar wall in Canada. 

The Edge, south-facing solar wall visible on the right, image by Forum contributor Daveography

With a total cost of approximately $400,000, the 50-panel solar wall produces enough energy to power 25 homes. Elsewhere, with the north façade completed in a top-to-bottom curtain wall made from high-efficiency glass, the carbon footprint has been further reduced, these two features to help bring The Edge's projected energy consumption down by 80%. 

The Edge, north facing glass curtain wall, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Located at 107 St NW and 104 Ave NW, the 10-storey office building will soon one of Edmonton's greenest structures. Though its efficiency will remain directly tied the availability of sunlight, meaning cloudy days and future construction projects could put a damper on its projections, The Edge will hopefully serve as a marker of innovation and sustainability well into the future. 

The now complete solar wall, from January, image by Forum contributor Daveography

Viewed above as it appeared in late January, the now completed solar wall has been located (at least for now) in a prime position to get as much sunlight as possible. 

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