It just became a little easier for Edmontonians to track where the City is undertaking and planning major infrastructure upgrades. Building Edmonton, an interactive online map now available to the public, aims to remove some of the mystique around the capital infrastructure program, which is being delivered by Integrated Infrastructure Services on behalf of the City.

The Building Edmonton tool is now available for perusing, image via City of Edmonton

Some of the information the digital tool now provides to residents and businesses had previously only been privy to council. The web-based guide gives users access to critical project data, including information relevant to the scope, schedule, and budget. Adam Laughlin, Deputy City Manager of Integrated Infrastructure Services, says he hopes the tool will give residents an appreciation of how the city has and continues to evolve. 

Information about the scope, budget, and schedule of each project is shown, image via City of Edmonton

The map is divided into two sections that record standalone projects and composite programs that contain multiple project locations. Users are able to click on the multi-coloured project icons to gather the name of the development, current project delivery phase, and most recent quarterly update. The projects are further subdivided to identify the phase of development, categorized within concept design, detailed design or build.

The new tool comes days after the City launched a video series titled 'Developing Edmonton' which seeks to inform residents about the land planning process. The three brief videos guide the viewer through each stage of the development process, from the legislation and plans that govern land use, to the permits that precede development, and the inspections that are carried out during and after construction.