The University of Alberta campus at 90 Avenue NW east of 111 Street NW has drastically changed in recent years, evolving from a landscape dominated by a smattering of single structures to what will soon become a pair of modern student residences. Bearing two unique designs by two separate architecture firms, the buildings will share the duty of providing the university's patronage with comfortable living spaces and collaborative social spaces, while serving as a tangible reminder of the rapid pace of progress gripping the East Campus Village. 

Peter Lougheed Hall (left) and East Campus Village 9 Residence (right), image by Forum contributor Daveography

At the southeast corner of the intersection, Hodgson Schlif Architects has designed a four-storey building that will be called home by approximately 300 students. The coed student residence is simply being referred to as 'East Campus Village 9 Residence', and will accommodate upper-year undergraduate students in units comprised of four and six bedrooms. Helping fulfill the university's objective of providing on-campus housing for up to a quarter of the full-time student population, the project follows the precedent set by another infill housing development along 87 Avenue, which was also designed by Hodgson Schlif Architects. The residence is expected to obtain three Green Globes for sustainable design.

Peter Lougheed Hall under construction, image by Forum contributor Daveography

A second student residence project on the northeast corner comes with a more modern kick, with GEC Architecture at the helm. Peter Lougheed Hall will fall under the wing of Peter Lougheed Leadership College, an inclusive undergraduate leadership development program at the university. The 7,925-square-metre facility will introduce 143 beds in one- and two-bedroom configurations and multiple common areas suited for casual gatherings, lectures and seminars. An outdoor amenity space, a large dining hall, fitness and recreation rooms, and a conference room complete the experience.

Peter Lougheed Hall under construction, image by Forum contributor Daveography

A recent site visit by Forum contributor Daveography chronicled the property's current state. Peter Lougheed Hall, scheduled for delivery in the spring, is approaching exterior completion, while East Campus Village 9 Residence has just started to take shape. The latter is expected to be ready for opening in fall 2018, the same time the Diamond Schmitt Architects-designed Lister 5 Residence east of 117 Street near Mackenzie and Henday Halls is expected to come online.

East Campus Village 9 Residence, image by Forum contributor Daveography

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