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Hi Koops65​

Please if possible send me view from 35th Floor South view . Thanks in advance.
Parisa Gorjizadeh
Real Estate Sales Consultant
RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Hi! I'm Yasushi Ohki and I'm interested in creating some action to save the Graphic Arts Building. I'm trying to locate the Council Report that discusses the purchase of/the subsequent listing of that building. It must have some background information in it that I might find useful. Plus your post refers to some $80K that the Council approved to do some feasibility studies on it. I'm trying to track that down too.

Can I have permission to use one or two of your recent images of 15 Mercer for editorial coverage in Ontario Construction News (

Mark Buckshon
Assistant editor
Red Mars
Red Mars
No problem with using 2 recent images of 15 Mercer for editorial coverage in Ontario Construction News.

Red Mars
City of Rain, Any chance I can use some of your photos from The Amazing Brentwood in an upcoming profile on the project for a trade organization? Your photos are much better than anything I took
Do you know the status of Final Closing of Perla (35/65 Watergarden drive,Missiauga)
Sorry no
I believe the closing will happen sometime in September unless something unforeseen happens.
sorry to bother but considering we’re in the same situation as renting our units I have a question as to insurance . The reason I’m asking is that unless I’m telling me insurance the wrong info I’m having a hard time to get insurance and need insurance for the occupancy .if you got insurance I would like to know what type you got
I also know that owner insurance for landlord is not mandatory. Renters are required to take their own and produce the policy info at the time of possession
Lots of people in Facebook Valhalla Town Square community who have already moved in. Join and post your question there?
Thanks .. I know it’s not mandatory but in order to get keys for the unit we need to have insurance. I figured it out I will need to get tenants insurance even though I’m the owner but technically during occupancy the tenant as well . Thanks and sorry I thought you got a date for occupancy
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Hi C_Mark, I saw your post on the Distinction Condos forum that you were looking to rent your parking spot. Is this spot still available?
Hi jgrammer- so sorry but it's already been rented. I hope you find a spot in the building- there's a bulletin board in the mailroom if you also want to post there.
Can I put the stitched version of your photos of Time & Space onto our condo website ( as it shows our building (George & Front) in context. Of course, I can credit it to ??? Thanks DAVID aka DSC
No problem! Credit can be just to Urban Toronto (especially since it is SMT that did the stitch). I need to keep anonymous on here, so if you want to credit me specifically, call me "User Ottawan at Urban Toronto".

Feel free to use any of the pics I posted yesterday.
@DSC This pano (unstitched original) features your building pretty prominently