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Hi Edward. New member here. I tried to post on a new Yonge St. Express Subway concept yesterday but I don't see it online. Is there a vetting process before posts are live?
Hi Scott, I work with UT and there's a client who wants to use one of your images. Can i pass him your email so the can connect with you directly ? thanks . David
Hi Some people at the ONE are seeking to get regular images of the building as it goes up. It's for their own marketing purposes Can I pass them your name and you can discuss is with him privately
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Dear people of Toronto see into today's paper Torontonians are 45% support liberal...Are you people insane...Mark my words..If a liberal Gov is formed Alberta will leave co federation...then you and rest of Canada is screwed....No more $$ from Alberta!!! Vote wisely people!! We mean business!!
Unfortunately only 25% of Albertans favour separation so as much as I'd like to separate from Canada, regardless of the election, it's likely not going to happen. But you're right; anybody voting Liberal is insane. Trudeau literally does not care about Canada. Trudeau cares about Trudeau and using Canadian tax dollars to further globalization.
You may be interested in my recent posting on "Scarborough - Then & now"