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Weather or not

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Fear not Edmonton, I am told that the heat will be turned back on next Monday. Meanwhile Ottawa First, Toronto second, Winnipeg third and Vancouver fourth.
How come Edmonton has a rank of 1 for no precipitation while Ottawa and Toronto have a rank of 5? What about Winnipeg's rank?
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@itom987 alertly caught an error in the yesterday's posting under the precipitation column for Edmonton and for Winnipeg. Edmonton should go up tying it with Vancouver for a "Show" Position, while Winnipeg should have placed "Dead Last". Today Edmonton wins on the strength of humidity, precipitation and wind. A three-way tie for second between Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto, and Ottawa comes in last.
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A win for the windy city followed by Winnipeg and then a two-way tie between Edmonton and Ottawa with Vancouver bringing up the rear.
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They predict -2C but that might be an undershot. Regardless, Edmonton and Ottawa tied for first; Vancouver and Winnipeg tied for third; Windy, snowy Toronto is dead last.
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A three-way tied for first place! Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto share the cake. Then comes rainy Vancouver with Winnipeg bringing up the rear.
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Mild-weather Edmonton comes in last with Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto tied for second and Vancouver placing first.