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Wayfinding Strategy


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sign of the times: Edmonton working on new wayfinding system for pedestrians
The city’s wayfinding team says it’s close to finalizing its design standard for 86 new pedestrian signs expected to go up around Edmonton by next spring.

“It’s been a bit of a journey … the signage will be lit, which was really critical for the Winter City strategy folks. Certainly our seasons are a little bit darker. There was also discussion of colouring and what would stand out from a distance,” said Ian Hosler, project manager for the Wayfinder Project, which held an open house Tuesday to present the latest design standard to stakeholders and members of the public.

Hosler said once the design standard is approved, he hopes to have the tender finalized by June so that the city can roll out interim signage in August.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
City seeks feedback on new River Valley Park signs
June 10, 2016

The River Valley Wayfinding project is about helping you know where you are, where you need to go and how to get there.

To help you find your way in Gold Bar Park, new signs have been installed. The City of Edmonton is now asking you to tell us what you think about the new signage. Gold Bar is the first park to roll out the new family of signs that will be used in all future river valley park and trail projects.

Citizens are encouraged to visit Gold Bar Park to view the signs and then complete a short survey to tell us if the signs are informative, easy to read, well-placed and effective. If you can’t visit the park but wish to make comment, photos in the survey will allow you to view the signs. The online survey will be available from June 10 to July 22.

The River Valley Wayfinding project addresses the need for consistent signage throughout the River Valley park system. Feedback provided will assist in making final adjustments to these signs before they are installed in other river valley parks and trails.

For more information:
Online survey

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Adrienne Hill
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I like the new signs, I mean I ride a ton of the single track so I generally know my way around - but seeing some of the 30 year old signs on the trails it definitely needed some updating.

Walk Edmonton ‏@Walkedmonton 22 hours ago
The first of 38 interim wayfinding signs to be installed Downtown appeared at MacEwan Station! #wayfindyeg #yegwalk
Alberta's largest university developing wayfinding plan for lost visitors
A new proposal may soon help hopelessly lost visitors navigate the labyrinthine walkways of Alberta’s largest university.

The wayfinding plan will see the main pedestrian transit routes around the University of Alberta assigned new names to help people unfamiliar with the main 92.66 hectare campus.

Information boards will be installed at key locations around the campus’ natural entry and exit points like the LRT station on 89 Avenue and education car park with street signage pointing people in the right direction.

Five key open spaces will also be renamed.

Nice to see. It really is the little touches like this that can make or break a city experience. Nothing more embarrassing in the 21st century than still having to bed/beg directions from strangers, even though frankly it's a great way to make your city seem friendlier.. Especially like the upgraded +15 maps that eliminate all the unbuilt or now closed projects that you sometimes found on them...
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+15? Those are fightin' words 'round these parts...

Jk. I do agree. Good to get those updated finally.
"bed"-ing strangers certainly seems friendlier but...

Well the term ass, cash or grass nobody rides for free seems more appropriate and almost legal than ever here in Canada... 2/3 are now fully legal... And the third is HARDLY enforced judging by the traffic on 118 Ave during the morning rush hour commute... ;-)
+15? Those are fightin' words 'round these parts...

Jk. I do agree. Good to get those updated finally.
Haha the only thing I agree with the angry old men in McDonald's about is people are "too sensitive" with language... especially when it's nonsense marketing BS... I worked at Northlands and I had the deal with the same derisive marketing drama regarding K Days vs Capital X vs Klondike Days... Lord allmighty, y'all! Call it what you want, it's still the best way to get around downtown Edmonton at least 50% of the time... Pedway/+15/Skywalk/Human Gerbil tunnel I don't care, just keep making sure the downtown's network is retained and expanded...