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St. Peter School (McKernan)


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Catholic school decision could open up prime McKernan land for redevelopment
A plan to station all Catholic school therapists and consultants in one newly renovated building could free up a prime piece of land on the LRT line.

The Edmonton Catholic School Board has approved a plan to move 323 employees to the now-vacant St. James School on 83 Street in King Edward Park from five other buildings across the city. Included in the move would be 46 staff working out of the Learning Services Innovation building — formerly St. Peter School — at 113 Street and 73 Avenue in McKernan.

The board declared the 1950s’ building and 1.6 hectares of land “surplus” to its needs Tuesday.

McKernan community league president Roberta Franchuk said she can’t think of a time when a piece of land this large was available in the neighbourhood just south of the University of Alberta.

“I would think it would be highly desirable,” she said, particularly given the access to an LRT station two blocks away.